Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Day from Hell

The day started off wonderful. Miles woke up on his own and ate breakfast. He was pretty calm so I thought, "Today is going to be a GREAT day." But, I never know what is going to happen the few hours he will be at school. Or what is going to set him off because it's different every single time. I took Miles outside to get ready for the bus and he still a happy camper. We do our usual where he takes a toy all the way to the bus. When the bus arrived it was no his normal bus driver. But he didn't pay any mind to the change which made me relax. Especially since the bus attendant was the same person as it's been since June 1st.

Off he went to school for a few hours. During that time I spend a lot with G and M. G does her homeschooling work in reading, writing, and math. I play with M on the floor and G and I get a conversation going back and forth. I also mentally prepare for anything when Miles comes home. What I didn't realize was how bad it was going to get that afternoon.

Miles got off the bus at 11:45am, and I could tell something was off but didn't think anything of it (first mistake), I grabbed his backpack before we made it to the door as I usually do. I opened his bag to take out his communication notebook and read that he had a rough day. He didn't want to do anything that was asked of him. Also they pushed him to play with other kids in the class (Part of IEP). I thought, "Well, he's in a great mood." We went inside and he went off to see his siblings. I made lunch and he gobbled it down like normal. PB sandwich and chips with applesauce. It's his go to meal.

That is when hell broke loose. He wanted control of his sister and brother. He pushed his sister off the couch and I went over and said there room for both of you. Then sat in between the two of them. Sometimes that is enough this time it was not. He got up slowly and went over to a toy and threw it at his sister head. I blocked it and marched him into his room.

He started punching and kicking me and I kept blocking as much I could. I even held his hands to keep him to stop punching me. At that time his brother wondered in to be near me. Miles looked at him but didn't do anything other then scratch my arm. I held his arms again, not letting him to get me. He was screaming and kicking me at this point and it was raring its ugly head. I let go of his hands to move his brother out of the room and in that time frame...Miles reached and tried to scratch my eyes but made it to my cheeks and nose (which reminds me clip fingernails). I held his hands and told him that we do not scratch. I then let go and stood up to leave and he chucked a toy at my head. I started to walk away again when he charged at me to punch me. I carefully picked him up and put him back in his bed. Then grabbed his stretch blanket and had him pull. He usually relaxes with it this time...nope. He scratched me again in the face while pulling me closer. Finally, I called for reinforcement. As this time his sister and brother wanted to be near me so not only was I dealing with Miles but telling his sister to leave the room. Because I started to have to protect her from the situation at hand. I called my mom on the phone and she came home early from work. She took over for me while I took care of the other kids. Finally, he fell asleep.

She took my daughter who needed one on one attention to the store with her while I stayed home to work on dinner and be with the boys. Within two min after she left Miles was screaming in his room. I thought I should just leave him be and ignore him, maybe he will stop. (wrong again). He came out nice and calm and climb on my lap.  I thought oh he wants to cuddle. (wrong again). He started to pound on my face with his fist. He had my arm trapped and I was nursing his baby brother on my other room. He at one point grabbed a remote and smacked me six times with the remote on my head. At this point I was crying. My mom walked in grabbed him and I finished making dinner. My husband then arrived at 5:30pm. He took over for my mom while we both finished. Finally, Miles stopped. He went from a 10 to a 0 in second flat.

All three of us adults were exhausted. I didn't want to do a single thing after that. I had bruises forming, found pieces of skin were torn off my face. I just kept thinking, "What am I going to do to get him to stop this violence."


  1. I have had similar issues happen in my home as well. My sons name is Miles as well, but its Miles with a Y. Cool! Buy Myles is the most sever of my three and he has a tendency to hit as well, especially his little sister who is 2 and autistic. She is constantly testing him. Myles is almost 7 now and after numerous occasions of being set in the corner as a punishment he hates the corner so much he doesn't hit her as much... its slowly going away, and so will your little Miles. Now as far as him scratching and hitting you, that is unacceptable and I can only say that time in the corner can change a kids perspective. Even an Autistic one.

    1. We have tried the time-out with him. It just makes him explode more. Our therapist told us to stop doing the time-outs with him because it's just making it worse. Now, he just gets sent to his room to cool down. He feels bad that he hurts the person once he cools down. He will give u kisses and hugs. My scratches and brusies he kisses a ton later. He will tell me, "No love me." I always have to say that I do love him.