Our Story Till Now

This story started a few days before my birthday. I was joking with my husband that I should take a pregnancy test on my birthday. He asked if I thought I was pregnant and I said, "No. Just think it would be fun to take a pregnancy test on my birthday that way if by chance I was expecting...I could say I found out on my birthday." So, he as a joke bought the pregnancy test for my birthday. Though, I didn't take it until September 11th, 2012. I took it and checked it afterwards and the joke was on both of us...as the double lines appeared instant. I went in to our room and said, "Well, I took the test. and the joke is on us. It's positive." 

When I was twenty weeks, we went in and had our ultrasound and I fully expected it to be a boy. As it was slightly different pregnancy then it was for his older sister. Sure enough, he was not shy to let us know he was all boy. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes early in my pregnancy and stuck to the diet very well. Even though, I was often crying because I wanted pasta. I was taking Zoloft for depression that I had since I had my daughter. 

Pregnancy was easy for me until I hit third trimester. Just like it did with his older sister my blood pressure sneaks up. At 35 weeks, I went to the doctor and found out that my fluids were low and my blood pressure was sky high. So, I was put in the hospital to see if it would help. On Saturday, they told me that Sunday, I was going to have him. My husband and I were scared. We had our daughter at 36 weeks and she was in NICU for eleven days. My mom came down and stayed with us and we decided to name him Miles Alton. Miles is just a name we chose for our first boy. Alton is my great grandfather's name who Miles would have been born on. Well, my doctor decided to run all the test again on Sunday. Found out that everything was great and I was sent home. The doctor did say, if anything happens before my scheduled c-section I would be having him.

Week 37 doctor's appointment happened. I woke up in the morning knowing that it was the day. I always knew I would not make it out of April. It was April 30th, and I gave extra cuddles to my daughter and picked up. Sure enough, my blood pressure was high and my doctor said it was time. Miles Alton was born at 10:10pm on April 30th, 2013. 

He was 8lbs 9.2ozs and 19 inches long. He was perfect. 
He nursed great and we had a lot of fun with him growing up. He was a perfect baby and we loved him. 

Miles was talking about 25 words before he was 18 months. He even had some challenging words that some four year old still have trouble saying such as yellow. He was such a happy kid and would sleep through the night. When he was 18 months things started to change. He wasn't the happy baby that he was. He would be screaming all the time whether he was happy or upset. He would scream bloody murder with no end in sight at night time for hours. I took videos of him just screaming his head off in the middle of the night and knew he was fully awake during it. He hated to be touched during those middle of the night meltdown. He lost all 25 words and wouldn't even babble or even try to talk. He would attack his sister no matter of what she did during his meltdowns. He would charge at her and seek her out to bite her and hit her. Often leaving scars on her body from his bites. At times when she was loud in another part of the house, he would seek her out to attack her. At this time, I was working full time as a para in a specialize classroom for Kindergarten through fifth grade students who had autism. I saw so many similarities with what I was handling at home, I knew my little guy was totally different. During this time, I found out that I was expecting our third child. I was scared that he would hurt his baby siblings without realizing it. 

During this time, my mom and myself were trying everything we could to find some help. Not only for us but for him. We wanted him to have a happy life no matter what his life was suppose to be. We called hospitals to find out that they had a two year waiting list yet commercials were saying, "The earliest intervention for autism the better." We were thinking, sure wish we knew this would happen when I was pregnant so it wouldn't take two years. 

Finally, we got help through Infant Toddler program in our area. We started to get therapy for Miles and his speech has increased. His biting stopped before his baby brother Mason was born. But we still have so many challenging with him. 
 We know we are in a long road with him and we love him. So this is our story and our struggles with our journey as a family. 


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