Friday, September 16, 2016

This Week

I can usually tell when Miles is coming down with something or if storms are going to be popping up around our house. Miles has meltdowns a ton and he is hyper and craves sensory more then usual. It's been going on all week. By the end of the day, I just want to crash. It's been hard because we have had storms so I didn't think anything of it. Actually, right now it's literally raining all day long. Miles slept horrible last night just kept crying in his sleep and when he was awake. This morning he woke up so I took over and he just cried. He barely touched his breakfast either this morning which are his favorite Muffins. So I figured today was going to be a bad day. I already planned to have pizza tonight so I didn't have to make anything. Miles would often just start crying and complaining his foot or stomach hurt. He then crawled into my lap and took a cat nap. During that time I felt his head and took his temperature and it was 99. So I knew he wasn't feeling well. He woke up and laid on the couch then started to sob. He sat up to cuddle with me again and then he threw up.

Everything made sense to me of what we went through with him this week. The meltdowns and the sensory seeking. He was getting sick.

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  1. Poor little guy. Hope he feels better soon. No fun having a sick child.