Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Meeting with the School

Since Miles was diagnosed with autism and we had all evaluations to see what is next for our amazing son. We needed to call a meeting with the IEP team at the school to see where was next for Miles.  I went in hoping that we were going to be removed from his current preschool to the autistic preschool where he is able to get his ABA therapy he needs. My husband couldn't take off for it as we have a funeral this week as well. But my mom made it work and was able to input in much needed info to get the school on track. 

What we found out about Miles at the meeting is:
1. Miles has a Autism Specialist now evaluating him in the classroom. She is using VB-MAPP and another program to see what goals he needs at this moment. Also to set up his ABA therapy...
2. OT therapist is now Officially evaluating him seeing all the into we got from Children's OT therapist. 
3. Miles is smarter then everyone in his class which makes him extremely smarter then the autistic preschool kids. 
4. Speech loves how far he has come over the summer. Also started visual schedule in the classroom which they are seeing awesome progress from. 
5. Miles is reading to learn how to read. 
6. He past all of his IEP educational goals. He needed to know his colors and shapes. Which he is now surpassed. 

So, where does that lay us. It leaves Miles in a really weird place since educational wise he is passed everyone in preschool. But socially he needs a lot of help as well as social. Though he is trying to play with others now. We called for a new evaluation to see if his placement in the school is the right one. So he is going to be evaluated yet again with speech, OT, and VB-MAPP. Then we will have another IEP meeting to see where he is at and what his new goals need to be. His teacher is even helping me make an visual schedule at home to use. Miles loves using it and it helps him transition which he has huge problems with. 

They are still not seeing behaviors in the classroom yet but I am seeing them at home big time. The teacher and autistic specialist is going to put lots of sensory activities through the class for Miles to help his sensory craving ease. 


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