Monday, August 29, 2016

Autism at Pro Baseball Game

So, we had the pleasure to take our kids to their first baseball game. I was excited for the kids to experience their first game, but a part of me was super nervous on how well Miles was going to handle being in one spot for a long time, the crowds, and the energy of the game. Well, so I started to prepare him and myself with what we need to do to accomplish the game. We made it a goal to say that we will leave if things turn for the worst. So, let me share some of our tips.

1. Be prepare to leave 
   We made it a goal to leave when things start turning dicey. We even told my daughter that anytime we could just leave the game. The goal was to have fun not have the worst experience of our lives. We were going to leave on a good note.

2. Baseball Cap, sunglasses, or a hoodie
    For Miles the baseball cap helps block out other things going on around him. He also uses sunglasses and hoodies at times. Though he just used the baseball cap to help him pull away when he needed it.

3. Call the stadium before hand. 
      I did research before the game of things that we can bring inside to if they have any procedures for children/special needs. We were in luck to find out that they have a special protocol for children. They have where the kids get a bracelet with their parents phone number as well as their seat. So we made sure to stop by there first.

4. Special Snacks and Drinks
    We brought different snacks and drinks that my kids don't normally get. They loved it and had a blast.

5. Have Fun and Take Lots of Pictures
    We had so much fun not worrying about anything. When my husband went to get some things from the food line. He took my son with him so that he can walk and get some movement. The attendents were awesome and helped us down the stairs. We also took lots of pictures so remind him of what fun we had as a family.

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