Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bedtime Routine

So, we used to have a lot of trouble with Miles sleeping. He always struggled sleeping even as a infant since he was born. He slept with me and his sister for the first year of his life. Stephen (Miles Dad my husband) used to work nights so it was just easier for me to have the kids sleep with me. When Miles turned a year old we slowly got him into the crib and G was already sleeping on her own in another room. We were living with my in-laws and my husband was now working days. It was time. He fought it like crazy and still wouldn't sleep through the night. He would wake up for hours screaming non-stop waking the whole house.

Then we moved into our house and it was still rough. He still was fighting sleep where someone would have to sit by his bed and wait till he crashed. Then literally spend all night in his room with him. Finally, we came up with a strict routine and it's worked for us. Miles is now sleeping through the night most nights and he goes to bed almost instantly. Score for us.

We decided that for our family our kids would be going to bed at 7pm every night. It gives us adults time without the kids and they get better sleep. We found out that no matter what time we put them to bed they still get up between 5-7am in the morning. So here is our family schedule for bedtime.

5:30: Dinner
6:30: PJs on
6:35: Play
6:50: Scriptures
6:55: Prayer (the kids take turns)
6:58: Goodnights to everyone and choose who putting who to bed
7:00: Bed with a small story and a water bottle
7:15: Kids are looking at a small stack of books quietly in the their room
7:30: Sleeping like a log.

Like I said it works well for us. Miles sleeps with lots of blankets on him to help ground him and several pillows to help with his acid reflex (at least what we think he has).

What's your bedtime look like?

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