Thursday, July 21, 2016

EEG Done

I scheduled Miles appointment for him to get an EEG done. They said there was a possible chance he was having seizures that we were not seeing. Especially since I have seen him blank out once to several times a day for several minutes at a time. So, we were given the lab of an EEG. Just what a parent wants to hear is her son is having seizures. Well, I scheduled it for the 18th of July. They told me on the phone that he can not have any caffeine on Sunday or Monday. Which means no chocolate for him, that's the only caffeine he gets. Then they gave me bad news. Oh he has to go to bed three hours later then normal and be woken up at 4am in the morning. I didn't want to hear that part.

So, my husband took off the day as we were both going to trade naps all through Monday with each other. So, we had fun with the kids and kept Miles and his sister up till 10pm. My husband bought the kids mini vanilla shakes from sonic at 8pm. It was pretty easy keeping him up until the last 30 min. When he started to doze sitting up. So I would just tickle him. Finally, we put him in bed and he was out like a light.

My alarm went off at 3:50am. I dragged myself out of bed and got myself awake to keep him awake. I went into room and turned the light on....nothing still sound asleep. So I slowly started to talk and tickle him on his sides. He giggled and moved and then I said, "Let's go watch Super Why..." He jumped out of bed and was on the couch. I got him dressed and finished packing for our trip up. While he watched Super Why.

I figured the car trip was going to be the hardest part on keeping him awake. As we had an hour trip up to the hospital. But, we got McDonalds for breakfast (which for Miles is a sprite and lots of hashbrowns). By the time he finished breakfast we were there. No problem staying awake and he was in a great mood.

We waited by the door for what seemed like forever till 6:00am. Finally they opened the doors at 6:15am to get us in. We went in and soon we were in our room. The lady was really sweet and asked me a ton of questions about Miles. We then had to lay him down for her to glue the electodes to his head. As soon as she started to measure and mark his head Miles started to freak out. I gave him his straws and he threw them across the room. He screamed and tried everything for her to stop what she was doing. My husband had to lay on him to hold him still while I held his head still. Then the gluing and putting electrodes happened and he struggled even more. Enough that he was moving my husband.

Finally on the last electrode, Miles fell asleep. She bandaged his head so if he did wake up he couldn't grab them. We then let him sleep while she took data for 15 min. We then had to wake him up just enough for her to flash 20 sets of lights in his eyes. He went to a doze after that. Finally we could leave. Miles was awesome and handled it as much as he could so he was treated to a cookie and a chocolate milk in the cafeteria.

He fell asleep on the way home for a little bit. When we got home we had lunch and I had Miles lay down with him. He moved so much trying to stay awake then fell into a deep sleep. He slept 3 hrs with me.

We will find out in a week how things went.

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