Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 4th

So, the only thing we had planned was a picnic with some friends and family for the fourth. We were going to play everything else by ear. It was nice to have family over. My sisters and brother in law are awesome with Miles in ways I wish others were. Miles had to show them his room and the rest of the house first then they played rough. At one point my brother-in-law hid from everyone and Miles with the other kids had to go find him. Of course they were scared as they knew he will jump out of them. Miles led the charge but then one of them would squeal and all run away from where he hid.

The thing Miles loves to play is hide and seek. He has always loved playing it since he was a baby because he loves when people pop out at him. He sometimes will work to play hide and seek. Of course he hides in the same spot every single time. Anyways, it was nice to have everyone over for awhile. Miles eat his lunchable we provided because we know he wouldn't eat anything else. After everyone left we took that time to relax around the house before heading out to see fireworks.

As 1. Miles goes to bed at 7pm and fireworks start at 9:30ish. So, we decided that if all the kids fall asleep we were just going to miss the fireworks. So, as we waited home before we need to get out the kids watched the old Ghostbusters 2 movie. (like I said Miles loves being scared) so he squealed and just relaxed.

At 8:15pm we headed out to find a location to watch the fireworks. We wanted it to be easy for us to just leave if by chance Miles does not handle it well. Well we found the perfect spot and my friend parked next to us. The kids played hard by running up a huge hill by us to us down bellow. Miles wrestled with my friend Kait. He threw a ball and tried catching it. He threw pop pops on the ground. He was obsessed with a dog that was near us. He kept going to pet it which was fine with the people. Over a year ago Miles was bit in the face by a dog because he squealed at it. So he is usually uneasy around dogs. He loved this golden lab.

Finally at 9:45pm the fireworks started. Each one that pop up Miles would yell, "Boom..." It was great seeing that he enjoyed it as much as we did. After it was all done we headed home. Before we got home in the five minutes..he was sound asleep. Slept through my husband putting him in bed and changing his diaper. He slept from then to 6am.

The next day was rough in the house as all three kids were extremely tired. We just took it easy.

Hope you guys had an awesome 4th.

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