Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Difference Between Miles and his Siblings

I didn't notice that Miles was different until 18 months old when he stopped talking he few words and would just scream night and day, happy and sad, excited, and angry. That was until I was pregnant with Mile's little brother M. When I was pregnant with Miles, I would down water like mad and we found out that I had gestational diabetes. I failed right off the bat of the three hours with him. It was so bad that they weren't sure if I should do the three hours. I struggled with it so badly. I craved the things i couldn't have. I would just cry my eyes out on the bed because I wanted...pasta. When he would move he would move like mad. All the time. Which was just like his big sister. Then, my blood pressure started having problems, then protein was found, then my red blood cells kept dropping, then fluids kept dropping. We almost delivered Miles at 35 weeks which was a week earlier then his sister. Nope, things changed for the better for two more weeks. When I went in for my c-section, he was moving around like mad. It was like he knew it was his time to enter the world. He didn't want to come out the way that he was suppose to...he made eye contact with the doctor right away...which the doctor said has never happened before. He had to be in NICU for 12 hrs because his blood sugars were too low. All because I couldn't eat for 12 hrs before having him. He nursed right off the bat and was a happy as a claim.

Then...he was yellow. I mean not your normal yellow. No...he was extremely yellow baby. We had his bilirubin tested all the time and they were fine..for three months this kid was yellow. Finally, the pedi sent us to a Children's Hospital to get him looked at by a GI specialist. Found out that Miles had an enzyme missing from his liver. Had to give him extra fiber once a day in his milk. Finally, he was normal color.

Miles never cooed, never blew spit bubbles, barely smiled as a baby, never laughed, never really repeated you. It didn't bother me because hey he's a boy, boys are not like that. He finally spoke at a year old the normal mama, dada, baba stuff. Then he spoke strange words like yellow, red, blue at a year old that was amazing. Then at 18 months it just stopped. He stopped sleeping good and would just scream all night long. It was like a switch flipped. I was working with autistic kids at this time and started to see so many started to make calls. Got a referrel to three different hospitals. All three said they had two year waiting list... Miles started to be agressive. Biting became the worst thing alive. Leaving scars on his sister. She would cry in another part of the house and he would run and hunt her down to attack. Finally, got therapy going and things were getting better slowly.

Miles's little Brother M was born. M is different from the get go. M's pregnancy was different. I had gestational diabetes but only had my morning numbers having problems. He was born at 39 weeks via c-section completely healthy nursing right off. M started to coo and it dawned on me...never heard it from Miles. M started started blewing spit bubbles, Miles never did that until now learning it from brother. M smiles all the time, M laughs all the time, m tries to repeat, M says mama, dada, baba at 9 months old.

Watching M make all these milestones has made me realize signs were there. Signs were there that Miles wasn't normal. It's hard to see the difference between them and I am sure so many will keep happening as they get older.

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