Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This is the Last Week

Miles had a great couple of days. We have been able to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. He's been a pretty happy kid with minor meltdowns or no meltdowns at all. Which makes me very grateful. We also have been seeing major improvements in him. I like to think that I have done something to increase these improvements. But, we all know the truth he just figured them out. Like one of his major improvements is to give us warning when he's getting upset. Such has he strains his body tight from feet to hands in fist form and growls at you. We usually try to fix what ever is bothering him before he starts flipping out. It's been working pretty well, but it's not a 100%. Then when he doesn't want to do something he sighs really loud and rolls his eyes. My husband was getting upset over it and here I was silently cheering because he was forcing his mood not acting out his mood by screaming or hitting.  I mean with our daughter we would be upset because it's rude but for him it's not all we rather he does that.

So also this past week, we put up a swing set. Miles was so happy and it gives him a new release for his energy. So it's been nice to be able to go out back and let him run and play. I am hoping to get more outside things for the kids so we can spend a lot of time outside. With him. But then we found new consequences...his mood takes a massive turn in the evening. The question it from being tired or is it from allergies. Part of me doesn't think it's the being worn out because when Miles is tired he is a better mood. I swear the less sleep this kid gets the less behaviors we have at home. Since we stopped forcing naps things have gotten a lot better. He's a weird kid. So, next is to figure out what kind of allergies he has...because no way do I want to give this kid benedryll every single day. Miles on it is crazy....he screams and runs around the house until it wears off.

So it looks like another appointment will be added to our list to get for Miles. I swear his appointment list is getting really long and keeping us busy.

Another epiphany moment is after we ate pizza for dinner. All night he was up coughing like crazy and drinking like mad. We eat pizza once a week at most and every time he is coughing all night long. So, another thing to get looked at for him is Acid Reflex. This kid is an awesome kid and we love him..we just need to take it one day at time.

Yesterday, it felt like everything changed for the worse with him. All of our progress went out the window. It was storming and we were getting nasty storms later that night. The closer the storms were getting the worse Miles got. At one point he was kicking me over and over again in my lower back, he wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled hard, he punched me millions of time in the back of my head. I just sat there, because I knew if I reacted or blocked him he would go after his sister or worse his baby brother. So, I sat there taking it and crying. It hurts that I can't do anything to help him. I knew the storms were bothering him and tried to distract him with movies. He was in that mood and it was hard to get him out of it. By the time my mom and Stephen arrived. I was done...I just wanted to stay away from him and be alone.

Today, is heading that way as well. It's hard on these days to get anything done because he wants to take it out on people. I just don't know...

42 Days! 

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