Thursday, April 7, 2016

Yesterday Evening FROM HELL

      So Miles went to school with no problem. Got off the bus no problem. I checked his backpack and found a note from his teacher. Oh no...was my first thought. What did he do? Is he going to be suspended? Did he hurt another child? Did he hurt a teacher? Those were my thoughts as I dreaded to pull out the note from his teacher. It said another child threw a toy and it hit Miles. I looked at my son and see no marks. But, I did think...well Miles you do that to everyone here. Then I thought, why were those my first thoughts. Is it my first worry for my son hurting someone Yes...for the reason he hurts a lot of his with no reason.

    That evening, Miles had a meltdown. It was his normal meltdown but on steroids it seemed. We haven't had one to this extreme this long in awhile. He started throwing toys around which I took care of. He then chucked toys at his sister to hurt her or get her reaction. I blocked. I took him to his room and it was an all out punching me in the back of my head, kicking my back, slapping me, throwing toys at me, screaming on top of his lungs. At one point, I thought he was calm. So I let go...and he took off like lightening to the living room. Before I could get up, he punched his sister with a toy. I heard her scream bloody murder and had to peal him off of her. I then carried him back to his room. Grabbed the baby and sister and put them in my room for safety. Then took care of him blowing up to his normal levels.

Finally, his dad arrived and he took over while I took care of the other two. He fell asleep for about five minutes. When he awoke it was back to square one. I took him outside to see if I can get him to flip 180 degrees (it works sometimes, other times nope). No luck he screamed and screamed. Dad took over so I could take care of the baby. When my friend Tara arrived. She offered to see if he would calm down for her. She took it like a pro and soon he calmed down and was the happy go lucky kid again.

He ate his dinner. We did normal bedtime routine and off to bed he went. No fighting and no meltdowns...

This kid going to kill me...

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