Friday, April 1, 2016

A week from Hell

This week for some reason is worse then everything we have been through. Not sure if it's because of illness or getting used to his new schedule of going back to school after spring break. So...this week has been extremely rough on me, Miles, and his siblings. We have had a lot of major meltdowns and things that he has never done before do.

On Sunday, we had a hard time getting out the door to go to church. We knew it was only going to be sacrament because Miles couldn't go to nursery with his cold. So, here I was getting the kids ready. Miles flipped out because he did not want to wear his nice shirt for Easter and church. He screamed and cried in the hallway during sacrament. We finally just said screw it we were going home after thirty minutes of being there.

On Monday, Miles had an okay day. We had normal meltdowns after school and it was a pretty good day.

Tuesday: We had more meltdowns then normal but nothing to bad.

Wednesday: Is when all hell broke loose. Miles had meltdown after meltdown. Wanted to fight and destroy everything in the house. At one point I took out a fold up rocking chair and finally got him rocking in it and calming down or so I thought. I was busy nursing the baby when all of sudden Miles picked up my water bottle. Nothing new, he is addicted to drinking water. I had just filled it up too so it was cold. When he threw it at me and the baby. Nothing happened before hand to cause this that I can think of. Anyways, so I had a choice protect the baby or protect my face. I of course protected the baby from the water bottle. The water bottle then slammed into my mouth which caused me to bite through my lip. I was in shock and was able to safely put the baby down somewhere. I then put Miles into his room and held his door shut. I was at this point sobbing myself while Miles screamed and slammed his body against the door. I then felt my lip and realized blood was poring out the wound. So I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up to find my lip.

Even now my lip is swollen and it hurts to eat. I couldn't wait till my husband came home and was able to be there. 

Thursday: I was fighting battles all day with him. It felt like, and when my mom arrived home. It was even worse. He was throwing chairs at everyone and trying to throw his kids table. Finally, my mom had to restrain him with her legs and he fell asleep at six pm. Do I regret him going to sleep early...nope as his Dad wouldn't be there to back me up until after bedtime. 

Today: So far he decided to punch his baby brother, punch his sister, punch me all with toys. Also thrown many toys at me because his sister was sitting somewhere where he just decided to sit. 

This week has been the worse in a long time. I am actually sitting here crying because right now I dread for his Grandma bringing him and his sister home. I feel terrible feeling that way but I need a break. I don't always get a break when others come home and it's hard. I am always on the go and always watching like a hawk to see what is going to happen next. Though, yesterday good news. I was able to finish the paperwork for Children's so it's off towards there. Closer to getting some much needed help. 

Right now any help to figure out his triggers and how to help is is rewarded. 


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