Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Extended Family Time

On Thursday morning, Miles was able to go to Paternal Grandma's house early in the morning. I got him all dressed in his green shirt. Well, at Grandma's there was his five cousins as well to play with and celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. Well, he had a great morning playing. The only rough part of that was he didn't want to wear pants, shoes, or even diaper to come home in.

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner for my brother-in-law and his bride. Miles was having already a bad day and I was dreaded what was going to happen. All the way to the church he was screaming and trying to get out of his car seat. I carried him into the church and took him away from everyone to calm down. Trying to keep myself calm and not stressed out over the situations. Finally he was calm and we found the rest of the group. Well, Miles was chasing his sister all over and at times i had to step in to calm him down. Finally, we brought food because no way was Miles was going to eat what was provided for dinner. Miles ate his piece of pizza and played with his cousin. Then he just randomly hit his cousin with a toy. This happened not once but three times. Then he had a huge meltdown in front of my family but also my soon sister-in-laws family as well. It was hard to not cry because here I was dealing with this. I was already nervous about this whole thing and how he was acting. My husband took him out to another room to calm him down. That night, with tears in my eyes I apologized for the way he was acting. I felt like my son (who I shouldn't have brought at all) ruined the night with his behaviors. I then messaged my sister-in-law and apologized for the way Miles kept hitting her son. It made me so uneasy about the wedding.

Saturday morning, we tried to stay in our routine as much as possible. Hoping that it would help Miles adjust to the wedding better. We went to Sam's like we normal and he flipped out going to the car. We then headed to the Temple to see him get married. My mom tagged along to take care of the kids during the ceremony. After the ceremony in the cold wind we stood to take pictures. Miles did great during the pictures and I thought hey this might work great. That evening we headed to the reception and guess what Miles had a fabulous time running around and playing with kids. We stayed past his bedtime and he was awesome.

Sunday, we headed to church and things were going good. Miles kept pointing at someone's dress and would not stop saying, "Mickey Mouse." Which they were not Mickey Mouse it was lobsters. He just kept pointing. So I mentioned for his Dad to take him for a walk with his weighed backpack. Well, I later had to leave to nurse the baby and heard Miles screaming on top of his lungs. Meltdown. Finally, I was able to trade with Dad and got Miles calmed down and took him to his nursery class where he flipped out. So I had him move chairs around in the hallway and got him in Nursery. Found out that they had a little rough time but nothing the adults couldn't handle as they have a child of their own who is autistic. Was able to talk to another autism parent about Miles and his thoughts. (I am always seeking for more).

We then headed home to rush and change clothes. Miles had a meltdown so we decided to leave him in his clothes. We then headed to my in-laws and Miles played and threw toys many times at me and his brother. Everyone except a small amount of us stayed at the house and I stayed behind to be with Miles because no way I was going to let him tour a house. We had a great evening and came home.

Yesterday, we went back to my in-laws to spend some more time. Miles was in a great mood and I swear something switched inside him. Anytime he got near his cousin his cousin would freak out. I felt really bad for Miles who wanted to play. It was hard not to cry knowing that this was how Miles life is...when he actually wants to play kids are scared of him.

Question: How do you explain it to two year olds?

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