Thursday, March 17, 2016

Vacation Day 2

. Make sure you read about your Vacation Day 1.

Day two, Miles slept pretty good the night before in the hotel. He got up a couple of times and Dad was able to get him back to sleep pretty quickly. Day 2 our plans was to spend the day at the Zoo. We went down to breakfast first at the hotel (we always make sure our hotel has breakfast).

Miles, was in a mood and Big Sister wanted to share his tablet with him while they ate. So she kept getting into his bubble. Some days his bubble is bigger then others and just wouldn't leave him alone. Miles, did good and ate something small for breakfast. We knew that we would have to bring lots of snacks for him on our trip.

We left for the zoo and got there soon after it opened. Miles had a blast looking at the animals until we were near a playground. This kid loves to slide and climb and this playground had all of it. Bad news...we let him go on the playground (Parents mistake...won't happen again). He played and had fun at one point was getting aggressive with another kid. I believe he punched the kid with a toy. So, we literally carried him to another exhibit of animals far away...He was screaming and anytime Dad or myself let him down he would run off towards the playground.

He could stay there watching fish for hours if we let him. He was so relaxed.

Finally, once we went inside the gorilla house he was calmed down and busy watching the gorillas. I have heard that Omaha Zoo has a lot of Gorilla and they can be quite loud at times on the glass. So, to prepare for the zoo we watched lots of youtube videos of that zoo. Miles was so excited to watch the Gorillas. He would run up to the glass and try to find them. Of course none of them were really doing anything. Except one and that was after we left started to bang on the glass. We then headed to the other monkey house. 

We walked in and saw these cute little monkeys. They were jumping and swinging around and the kids loved watching them. Well, one of the smaller ones saw Miles and my daughter standing next to the class so it came to watch them. Then it would swing away and play and then jump at the glass. The kids loved watching him. 

The kids kept giving him a high five. 
Then when we walked out it was starting to rain. Miles quickly started to act up so we knew our trip was coming to a close. We were at the large cats and Miles started to have a meltdown. After that we ran to the last dome the desert dome. At this point everyone was coming into the buildings. So it was packed and Miles had enough of people. He clung to me and tried to hide under his hood the best he could. It was hard to keep him out of the sand and the water. We made it out without anything huge happening. Whew...

On our way back to the hotel we grabbed snack stuff for the hotel to tide us over to dinner. We knew Miles would be best to relax and not let anything or anyone near him. By the time we got to the hotel he was asleep. He woke up and relaxed in a bed snuggled tightly with me with his tablet to relax and let go of the world. 

That night we went to Culver's for dinner and he loved his meal. We just started to get him to eat corndogs and he gobbled it and his applesauce up and ate his ice cream. When we got to the hotel we relaxed and enjoyed our evening. Miles fell fast asleep in the bed after the routine. 

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