Thursday, March 10, 2016

Family Vacation

It seems like my family likes to take vacations when the time is about to change. This coming week is going to be rough on Miles. I already know and fully prepared for the meltdowns. It's going to start tomorrow for us. My husband won't be home tonight till after the kids go to bed. Which is normal and Miles expects it. My husband has school once a week and doesn't get home till late. But, tomorrow, it's my brother-in-laws's bachelor party. So, another night that my husband won't be home to help pick up the pieces that were made while he was at work.

I don't know who is not looking forward to it me or Miles. On Fridays, Miles often spends a lot of quality time with his dad on Friday nights playing video games in my room. It's a way for the to bond and Miles to just relax after a busy week. Then early on Saturday we are heading out on our vacation to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights. We are going to a Children's museum. Which can have a huge awesome time or can go down hill really quick. I have already emailed the museum for some ideas what they provide for a kid who is like Miles. No reason not to ask so that way I can be ahead on it. Then we will be going to the local zoo. Which is huge and should be lots of fun. Miles likes animals so it should be nice. Hopefully, it won't be too crowded and won't rain on us. Then we will visit the local temple to show the kids it (we are mormon). Then we will head home. We plan to swim in the pool each evening that way the kids just crash.

Our last vacation was great, until Miles woke up with a horrible cold. He kept us up all night long coughing and wheezing. Also...we had to wait for over an hr for food that should not have taken that long at a local place. So we are hoping that this vacation will be great. My mom is tagging along with us like she did last time. That way everyone can help with a kid or if need be two people can help with Miles.

So not only do we have our vacation, but when we return we are going to be smothered with my husband's family. His brother Jimmy and family (three kids) and Sister Johanna and family (two kids) are coming in town. Not sure if his brother Andy and family (three kids) are coming as well. Or if his older brother Tony and family (three kids on earth) are going to be stopping in. But everyone will be here and it gets crazy when they are all together. None of them really know what to do with Miles and his cousins don't either. So, Miles often gets sensory overload around them. But they are all in town because we will be going to the temple to see my brother-in-law Scotty and his soon to be wife Jenny get married for all eternity. Then we have the wedding reception. Our plan is that we will all go the reception then return home to get Miles in bed as close as to his bedtime as we can. My mom said she will stay so we can head back to the reception. It's going to be a busy week.

Not only that but I am going to be watching my niece Abbi during the week as her sitter is not watching kids that week and no school.

In other news. Miles has been in the oddest mood lately. Not sure if it's the rainy weather causing him to be like this or if this is just his current mood. He's been close to meltdowns a lot lately and it makes me sad. I feel for him because he doesn't want to be this way. He doesn't want to wear clothes at all which is different usually we can get him in some clothes. He doesn't want to be touched in the evening which is different for him. I just wish Children's Mercy calls soon to get him officially evaluated.  

My goal is to get him evaluated before his IEP meeting on April 8th. One step at a time is been my motto. One step at a time.

-Wish me Luck-

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