Thursday, March 17, 2016

Vacation Day 1

Okay, so I am going to break down our schedule with a few comments and pictures of the places that we went.

Car Ride to Nebraska 3hrs long
   Breakfast was in the car. Since Miles has a small array of foods that he eats it's hard finding something at a fast food restraunt that he will eat for breakfast. We are lucky, that we finally found one thing that he enjoys eating and that is Hash browns from McDonalds. He loves them so much that he will eat the paper they come in. Other then him eating paper, our trip up was really good. He enjoyed playing with the toys that I packed for him for awhile and when he was bored of that he was able to play his educational games on his tablet. I think his Dad had more problems then he did with all the one ways in Omaha.

Omaha's Children Museum
   We enjoy our little children's museum here in Kansas but it was nothing compare to this one. It was loud and sensory overload for me. Miles had a blast. We first went into a room where there was slides and wheels. There was a pretend house and a water station. Also a little make-believe bank, grocery store, and hospital. Miles was all over the place and poor Dad kept up with him. While Mom went with sister. Grammy (my mom) took care of the youngest.

Next, room we went into was the art room where Miles painted a picture. It was interesting to see him relax while painting. We don't do a lot of painting at home and he usually does not like to color. But of course it didn't last long for him. 

The next room we went into was a ball room. Where it's crazy, balls are everywhere and you put them in all different things. Then they fall out of the ceiling at certain points. Thankfully, I found a video on youtube of this room to prepare him because it was crazy.

Then we went into a snow room where Miles freaked out because he was scared to climb a rock wall. Found out he not too much of a fan of heights. Who knew. We then headed up the stairs to a exhibit they have going on which is SUPER HEROES. Miles had a blast in this room. There was slides, climbing stuff, zip line, train, and another ride. He had a blast. He was also able to make a cape that he brought home. His dad followed him around and helped him try new things.

All in all he had a blast but we knew when it was time to go.

After the Children's Museum, we headed to a place to have lunch. Of course Miles, started to fall asleep before we arrived. He was done for the day and very sensitive to everything at this point. We went in side and I tried to find something he liked. I thought I would be safe getting him a yogurt and a grilled cheese. Of course he wanted none of it and was starting a meltdown and being a little crazy. He was climbing all over the booths and climbing up a wall pretty much. Finally, my husband thought hey we should get him a muffin. Miles loves muffins and perhaps he will calm down. So he took Miles to get a muffin at the counter. What they brought back was no a muffin but a cinnamon roll but he ate all of it and was calming down. We then headed back to the hotel where Miles took a short nap and had to use our famous calming down technique and that is to let him pull out and watch something on his tablet.

After we all relaxed, we headed out to the pool in our hotel. Miles loved swimming but doesn't know how to keep himself from drinking the pool so he upchucked all over Dad. Eep. We then headed back for showers and then dinner.

Miles fell asleep quickly since we made sure to do our whole bedtime routine with him even when out.

Day 1 was a huge success....

Comment below: Have you ever been to a Children's Museum?

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