Thursday, March 17, 2016

After Vacation...comes...meltdowns

So, I was thrilled when I got home to find...a new packet from Children's Mercy. In case you haven't guessed we are in the middle of getting him evaluated. We are pretty sure he has autism in some sorts but we don't know what and we need help. So, now I am working on this mountain of paperwork before the end of Spring Break. I am hoping his teacher who has some paperwork to fill out will be able to get back to me soon after Spring Break. The sooner I get it in the sooner he will get in.

So, Tuesday, Dad had to go back to work and Miles...decided that he was going to let loose his own struggles. The struggles, we can't see and don't understand. At eleven o'clock he went into a huge meltdown. He was throwing his heavy cars at my head, punching, screaming, pulling chunks of my hair out, kicking me. I had to restrain him to just get him to relax. Finally, my mom took over so I could breath. This lasted for 2 1/2 hours it was a huge struggle and I cried. I cried not because of what he was doing to me. But, because I didn't know how to help him let go of his own struggles.

Then his therapist came and helped him for an hour. Once she was gone around three o'clock he was in another meltdown. Just as bad as the first one. At this time my sister was here and I could see her watching and learning. My mom took over for a bit and then my sister offered to help. After 2 hours he fell asleep from exhaustion.

When his dad arrived he had another meltdown. This one lasted an hour and it hurt to know that we couldn't help him.

I know part of it is the schedule change. He is used to going to school in the morning but since it's Spring Break no school. It also means that next week we will be struggling to get him back on school schedule. Everything changes and it's hard for him to not be on his schedule.

This weekend we have a wedding rehearsal dinner tomorrow and then it's my brother-in-law's wedding. It seems like we are getting very busy as of lately.

Question: What techniques do you use for meltdowns?

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