Thursday, April 7, 2016

Saying Goodbye is Hard

So on Monday, we had to say goodbye to our Infant Toddler therapist for Miles. When she arrived the first time we met her when knew she would make a perfect fit for our families. Not only was she helping Miles but she was helping the rest of us understand a little more about him.

When Miles was close to two years old, he was at the point of not speaking at all but screaming on top of his lungs 24/7. He would scream when he was happy, sad, angry, excited, anxious and all in between. Anytime, big sister would cry or whine he would charge after her no matter where she was in the house and bite her. We would spend most of the day in an all out struggle with him to eat, sleep, and even to not have a meltdown. His meltdowns were never shorter then two hours and by that point we were so beaten up by him it would cause us to be in tears. So when Patti arrived it was a godsend.

She helped us right off the bat to give us tips to get him to stop biting. As his bites were leaving scars and to show us how to get him to stop kicking me in the stomach (I was pregnant with #3). The biting went away for the most part. He fell in love with her that first day. She helped us with meal times and bed times.

She gave us so many good resources that helped us understand him. It's hard for a parent to ask for help but it was needed. She knew when it was time to pull in a speech therapist and OT therapist. She loved Miles and we always made sure to work with her each week. All three of my kids loved her and she has given my daughter tips in dealing with her brother.

So Monday, it was hard to say goodbye. Goodbye to that part of our lives that we had. Now, we don't have any therapies coming to the house and that in itself is hard. We don't get those tips anymore and those little helps to keep us going.

I have to say, I am so blessed to have Infant Toddler Services rush to get him evaluated for their program. It was hard to hear that there was a two year waiting list from every hospital in KS to evaluate him when we felt like our lives were falling apart. Infant Toddler gave us hope and send us our savior Patti at the time we needed the the most.

Next Chapter of ours lives is IEPs...

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